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like comedy, only not as funny

I am a zobo, like my father before me

Zobo Tg
29 April 1987
First I'll start with my
Concert List

ooooooh yeah.

Allright, now that you have taken a nice look at my working list of concerts, You can see what I am all about. though I guess you could find a lot of it out from my interests. Because you can always tell what a person is like by reading their bio blurbs.

you can Read my info and do some math to see my age and gender. gender math. (see how I can be lazy and not have to update this by my next birthday by stating my age?) I am going to University to try to get my undergrad degree in Physics.
I was going to NDSU, but I woke the fuck up. I don't know where I will be going when you read this. But I do know I will never live in Fargo, North Dakota again. Ever. and not because of stigma of anything that happened there, it just happens to be the worst place I have ever lived or visited. As of this writing I live somewhere between Minneapolis and St. Paul. yes, if you are a stalker, drive between them in widening concentric circles.

So Physics is a passion of mine. But I feel uncomfortable talking about it, a lot of the time. I feel that there is no middle ground. people will either know more than I do and think I have wasted my money, or they will think I am making things up. I love it, but career? I don't know. we'll see.
Does anyone have a career anymore? somewhere around 40%

I love my Music. I like some tv shows, mostly on dvd's, I really don't have the time to list the shows or music that I am into. Some of it is in my interests, some is on my Last.Fm. THOUGH keep in mind that encompasses the music I HAVE, not always the music I am into, because I keep it on shuffle a lot, so proportions of intrest to amount owned might vary.

I am in an LJ drought as of late, so don't expect mass updating.
and if that happens, that is because some people have been allowed access to my lj, for specific reasons. that is also why billy ray sirus is in my interests.


other lists
for posterity's sake, here is my original information (that lasted 4 years, sheesh)"

orig title:
hey this is my title of journell! yay!
well this is now the subtitle

i am like 17 so.. ya, i was in the place, and i felt like that i should make a journal, but decided not to, and then gues what? i don't care, what ever.... anyway there was something that happened and i was just typing stuff randomly till it was right now, and why the hell are you still reading this shit?"

*sigh*, 3:00am, 93x, action figures, adult swim, al franken, all things metroid, arrested development, ash, assanine comments, awkward situations, bach, back to the future, bacon cheeseburgers, beached whales, bebop, billy ray cyrus, blasting metriods, bojsb, boot hockey, breakfast club, bruce campbell, buckethead, caffeine, cheapo, cheese, cheez-its, chewbacca, chicken-pot-chicken-pot-chicken-pot-pie, classic tv, coach mcguirk, coca cola, cold, comic books, computers, conan o'brien, cookie dough ice cream, dawn of the dead, death to smoochy, dinkytown, dirty work, doing shit, doogiehouser, dr. zoidberg, dumb and dumber, edgar allen poe, epona, evil dead, fairly oddparents, fish suck, fuck, fucked, fucker, fuckerino, fucking, fuckship enterprise, futurama, gamecube, genesis, gmzobo, going to hell, green (the color), hahaha, halloween, hannibal lecter, harvey birdman, home movies, ice skating, jar jar binks, livejournaling, lupinlover, majora's mask, malcom, mallrats, metallica, microwave meals, middle ages, mission hill, mst3k, mytholgy, ninja burger, not burger king, not doing shit, not emotions, not phones, not-mirrors, ocb, omputers, people-who-dont-suck, phones suck, pop-ups, pso, rafnr, rain, reading, resident evil 4, revolving doors, robots, rocksteady, sa2b, samus, samy is my hero, sealab 2021, seventh heaven, sholmquiest, shuan of the dead, sigh, sighing, slap shot, slimer, smbc, snow, soul asylum, spiderman, ssbm, star trek porn, starving children, starwars, strawberry-blondes, sweet foods, tacos!, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the great, the lourve, the matrix, the presidents, the venture brothers, thor, those ones, tool, walt disney world, webcomics, whatever, wood elves, x-men, yes, you, your mom, zambonis, zelda, zobo, zombies